What Makes Us Different?

Our Software is an all-inclusive system which simplifies the end to end of restaurant operations such as dine-in, table reservations, billing, payments, and more by automating them. For that reason, enhances efficiency and grows revenue of an independent restaurant as well as a restaurant group.

Our Software comes with a technology that lets restaurant managers and staff streamline their administrative tasks while also increasing their bookings in both the short- and long-term.

Our Software is not only highly imperative for your own day-to-day billing operations, but it’s a vital part of the overall customer experience. Starting from the beginning of your guests’ online booking journey until the end of their stay and their feedback once they return home, it becomes quite essentials for you to adapt latest technology to enhance their experience with your brand.


Getting this software offers the features you need and want which is necessary to effectively managing your restaurant in a global economic climate. Our Software consists of every little thing you require to manage your restaurant. A system seamlessly integrated with a channel manager and a booking engine work together to streamline your day-to-day operations and bring you more reservations. And because our billing software is cloud operated, you will be able to run your restaurant while you’re on the go. The restaurant industry is also looking for reliable billing software to make their financial accounting easier and simpler by all means. The billing software will help the restaurant owners to bill their consumers in a convenient way for services provided along with the generation of billing reports. Management utilizes the billing report to keep a track of the income generated. It includes the feature of capturing the invoice record of customers to present a total amount to be paid by them. In addition, all the details of the bill are saved to a database to allow users or management to recover saved records of billing. The restaurant industry needs to document the accurate billing of the customer properly. It simply helps you to maintain seamless business transactions, which are very important. In short, managing billing records can now become very easy when it comes to choosing the best hotel invoicing software.

Point of Sales
  • Multiple Point of Sales Options
  • Digital Menu & KOT Printing
  • Tables & Stewards Management
  • User based Security Restrictions
  • User Friendly - Fast & Accurate
  • Advance Accountancy management feature integrated
  • Automated and Direct Billing from front Desk
  • Providing of Guest Bills
  • Ability to flag Accounts due for Payments or Payment Delays
  • Auto-sync Account History and Forecast Report
  • Maintain Vendor detail

Take some time to understand the features embedded with our Software in India and decide the best for your restaurant.

We take care of our clients as well as our associates.

Orders are carried on mobile devices with instant notifications for users.

We are App ready to serve any user preference.

We are secure and cost-effective.

We are there real-time for guests, front & back office.

When it comes to a billing software for businesses (India), ABS is your best bet!

Today, the digital world is flooded with billing software options. It’s pretty natural to be overwhelmed by the range of choices! What you must remember is, while all of these online invoicing tools claim to cater to your billing requirements, you need an integrated billing software with multiple and customizable features.

This is where ABS shines as a one-stop shop for online billing!

Available for both mobile (Google Playstore) and PC, ABS is the chosen billing tool among wholesalers, retailers, and distributors

Significance of Abandantiya Billing Software

As a matter of fact, our billing software plays an important role in the life of every business owner. It is one of the best billing systems that even generates free bill format templates that make the lives of entrepreneurs a lot convenient and easier. To understand the importance of Abandantiya Billing Software, it is crucial to know the benefits of using our software, which are as follows:

Reduced Transaction Time

As the owner of the restaurant, you would not require to make your customers wait in a queue anymore while you prepare individual bills. The software features a ready-to-use bill format which can be generated invoices quickly by just filling in the basic information like customer details and facilities and thereby decreases your transaction time.

No Extra Cost

The interesting thing is that you do not need to pay any extra cost for using an in-built bill template for your business from our billing software.

Added Convenience

The bill templates from our software not only reduce your transaction time but also are shareable, customizable, easy to use, and adaptable to different formats. Moreover, it gives you the option to design your own templates or edit the existing templates, take a print, and share it online through various mediums. Furthermore, you can download the template in different formats such as doc, pdf, or jpeg as per your needs.

Tablet & Mobile Optimized

If the team, manager, and other staff members want to quickly check the data on a booking, they do not need to rush back to the office. The billing software has been designed to use on both tablets as well as mobile phones. Therefore, the owner can check the performance on the go anytime.

Intuitive & Easy-to-Use Interface

You can find a user-friendly interface on the software, which is the most crucial factor when it comes to making the accounting process smoother. What if your software is confusing and complex, you might make errors, which would lead to costing you more money. As a matter of fact, you should not take much time for doing common tasks, as it would limit your ability and slow down your team to grow quickly. Hence, our billing software is a must.

Guest Profiles

Are you looking to build guest loyalty? Then you can make use of Abandantiya Billing Software in which guest profiles stores your stay history, guest’s contact details, and also preferences so that you can render a more personalized experience at the time of their next stay. It becomes easier to have a guest profile with stored CC’s of your guest for returning them.


Customers coming to your restaurant usually want a copy of their bill when they check out and at that time, our software can easily export the folios of customers that include all charges. Besides, it offers straightforward and solid financial reporting that lets you reconcile expenses and revenue.

Email Automation

By adopting customized, personalized, and automated email, you can make easy communication with your customers by decreasing manual work for your staff. With the use of your own templates, the feature of automated email feature lets you create a communication journey right from the initial booking to targeted offers for repeated customers.

Clear Visibility of the Grid

Your grid should enable all features like highlighting returning customers, recognizing customers who are yet to pay their bill, and adding special events that are occurring in the restaurant. This feature helps you to view the main information about your guests easily and quickly.

Billing made easy

Our billing software is the best solution for modern business. The processes billing are critical to any business and require utmost attention. Even a minor mistake can impact your business negatively, and you could end up losing your customer’s trust. ABS will make the invoicing process error-free and seamless while also saving your time, effort, and resources!

While there are numerous free billing softwares in India, not many are compatible with PC and mobile.

But lucky for you, ABS is!

With ABS, easy billing is just a few clicks away!