Give the best customer experience

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    • User freindly design of the App
    • Best marketting strategy
    • Equipped with some out of the box ideas
    • Awarenes towards the problems that may occurred in future due to late entrance
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    • Further expansion
    • Cloud restaurants
    • Adoption of the internet and smartphones
    • Increasing per capita income of Indians

Everything you need to manage and grow your food outlet.Abandantiya billing software comes with a spectrum of features to extend easy billing facilities to customers.

Crisp and quick billing

Simplicity and speed are our top priorities. We wanted to make sure that you can manage your outlet easily, and hardly spend any time to train your staff.

Manage your business from anywhere

Manage your outlet's setup and prices remotely. With FUDx’s Abandantiya billing software you can track sales, products and customer metrics in realtime from anywhere.

Integrate online orders

Integrate with online ordering to manage online orders from the software. You can also sync item details, enable or disable items in these channels right from your system.

Manage table and kitchen orders

If you run a dine in restaurant, you can setup and manage table orders. You can also send orders directly to kitchen. Use our Software to easily manage orders.

Go green with paperless billing

Send your customers a digital receipt through the app. This is a go green alternative to printing receipts. Also, the contacts get automatically added to your CRM.

Get actionable customer feedback

Customers can provide feedback and select their favourite products in the digital receipt they receive. Use the Feedback section on the software to track and act upon your customer's feedback.

Improve decisions

Set up and customise multiple dashboards to suit the needs of your users, managers and departments, with the ability to snapshot real-time operations. With advanced dashboards and interactive functions, users can dive deeper to make driven business decisions.

Seamlessly manage multiple food outlets

Combine data from all your food outlets into one centralised platform, an ideal solution for groups and chains.

Fine-tuned reservation workflow

Improve operational efficiency and save time with Abandantiya’s unrivalled all-in-one reservation screen. Discover a smarter workflow by viewing client details, reservation details and account information all from one screen.

Get your pricing right

Maximise your revenue potential with our dynamic pricing function. Rates set by you based on predetermined levels will automatically adjust and update as it fluctuates.

You can always customize your options in our software as per your particular needs